Top Message

To all of our clients and business partners, on behalf of Toray Plastics Precision, I would like to extend my utmost thanks for your continued support.

As I begin my third year as the president of Toray Plastics Precision,
I am pleased to inform you that, under our new company policy, we
are enhancing the assimilation of cutting-edge material and processing technologies based on our core technologies. This will allow us to provide even more valuable solutions to our customers. Furthermore, we are accelerating the pace of our global expansion, and we have plans for additional overseas expansions of our operations. I hope that you will continue to offer your support during these exciting and promising developments.

June 2017
Toray Plastics Precision Co.,Ltd. President
Nobuyuki Inohara

2017 Toray Plastics Precision Co., Ltd. Company Policy

Further Growth
We challenge the World’s Best by Core Business.
And create it by oneself and promise positive practice.

We are sincerely grateful to all of our customers and business partners for your continued support.
We meet the request of all of you through the next contents as a member of the molding and processing plastics maker as a member of Toray group.

1. Offer the New Solution utilized our Vertical combination
(Resin~Molding~Assembly) and Horizontal combination (Injection, Extrusion, Compoundings and Developing).

  1. (1) Offer the High performance & High quality products (Rods & Plates, Injection molded Products) based on our integrated production system such as Resin~Molding~Assembly.
  2. (2) Offer the New Solutions utilized our business strength which has 3 product divisions and Developing.

2. Global Combination with affiliated companies

Mass production and technological development in China and ASEAN, in combination with STPS (Shanghai TPS Precision Co.,Ltd), TPPT (Toray Plastics Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd) and TPPH/Z (Toray Plastics Precision (Hong Kong/Zhongshan) Ltd).

3. Design and Manufacturing Capability for Precision Molds.

We fully support our customers with our mold-tech center (=Kawaguchi Mold Plant) in order to become the “Strategic partner” for sophisticated needs with innovated short delivery time.

4. Replacements Metal with our High-Heat & High strength Engineering plastics.

Offering our original products & newly developed products which added our original mixed materials with PAI, PPS, etc.

5. Correspond with High-Performance applications such as High-Precision & High sealing Properties.

  • High-Precision & High-Heat & Low Noise Gears
  • High Roundness cylinder products
  • Precise sealing products etc.

6. Acquisition of ISO9001 & ISO14001

Toray Plastics Precision already gained the certification for both ISO standards.

We'd like to do our best for “NO1 Plastic Processing Supplier” from now on.
We ask your continuous supports and cooperation to our company. Thanks!

Best Regards.