Business Summary

How were our Plastic Rods born?

Extruded Plastic Rods was introduced to Toray Plastics Precision through the technical supports of a German company.

Plastic Rods born

We built up the strong business relationship with Schroeder und Stadelmann Aktiengeselschaft (:SST.Co.,Ltd) in 1961, and as a result of the good relationship, we succeeded in the first domestic mass-production of PA Rods in 1962.
This year just falls on “Cuban-Crisis” which was announced by John F. Kennedy (the US president at that time).
As a matter of fact, even now our company calls Plastic Rods as “SST” for the memory of this first initiative of Japanese PA Rods. This is one of our interesting company episodes.
Our company’s base has been founded by this Plastic Rods since then. Due to this introduction background of Plastic Rods from Germany, Toray Plastics Precision was established as a joint venture of three companies (Toyo Rayon, Kyokuto Boeki, and Usui Kokusai Sangyo) in 1961.

Do you know the former aspect of our Mishima Plant (=Our main plant)?

Our Mishima Plant was formerly Old Japan Navy's training center of wireless communication.

Mishima Plant

After the World War II, this area was sweet potato farm; however, Toray and Usui Kokusai Sangyo paid attention to this farm as a suitable site for a new plant.
The main reason was due to the hardness of the ground around this area. Probably for the same reason, Old Japan Navy might have selected this area to locate its own facility.
This area is also famous for rich in water resources such as Kakita River and Kano River due to the close location to Mt.Fuji.
Especially, Kakita River has been noted for pure water and there is a popular sightseeing spot, Kakita Shinsui Koen, around our Mishima Plant.

How are we advertising our strengths and characteristics?

Toray Plastics Precision actively participates in influential exhibitions (e.g. M-tech, Semicon Japan and etc) as a leading plastic processing supplier in Japan.


Our company has been focusing on three business domains.

  • (1) Injection molding
  • (2) Extrusion molding
  • (3) Compounds (composite material technology) involving engineering plastics