Injection Molded Products Gear TI grade

TI-5000 Series (PAI: Polyamide-imide)

Superior Balanced Physical Properties and Optimal for Heat-Resistant Gears

The TI-5000 Series boasts superior heat resistance (continuous use temperature of 250°C), heat distortion resistance (deflection temperature under load of 279°C), mechanical properties (especially tensile strength and shock resistance), fatigue resistance, flame retardance, friction and wear resistance, and stress crack resistance.


  1. (1) The TI-5000 Series demonstrates a superior balance of heat resistance and strength.
    → Its strength lends itself to preventing cracks in gear tips or welding.
  2. (2) It demonstrates high strength even without reinforcement from glass fibers as well as superior abrasion resistance.
    → This property prevents any damage to itself or to other materials (for example, contact gears or internal shafts)
  3. (3) This series demonstrates superior dimensional stability.
    → The linear expansion coefficient is minimal, and precision is high.

The TI-5000 Series “exceeds the performance of traditional engineering plastics in almost all aspects.”

TI-200 Series (PPS-based)

A Series with High Heat Resistance and Strength for Those Looking for a Low-Cost Option!

The TI-200 Series is based on PPS resin, which offers superior heat resistance and flame retardancy, strengthened with special fibers. Its favorable moldability lends itself well for manufacturing with reliably high accuracy. The combination of high-strength grade TI-250A and sliding grade TI-200C not only gives this series low self-abrasion, but it also lowers the abrasion with other materials under extreme usage conditions of high temperature and high torque.

Gear Grade Properties Table

Property Testing Method Unit 250A 200C-H02 5013 5031
Specific gravity D792   1.67 1.67 1.40 1.45
Water absorption (24 Hrs) D570 % 0.02 0.02 0.33 0.28
Tensile strength D638 MPa 200 165 186 157
Tensile elasticity D638 % 2.3 1.9 15.0 8.0
Bending strength D790 MPa 260 210 235 196
Bending elasticity D790 GPa 12.7 10.5 4.9 6.4
Izod impact strength (notched) D256 J/m 130 105 127 59
Deflection temperature under load (1.82 MPa) D648 °C >260 >260 >278 >279
Fiber reinforcing     Reinforced
      High strength High strength
Wear resistance
Ultrahigh strength
Wear resistance
Ultrahigh strength
Wear resistance

* This is a table of representative examples based on values measured from testing carried out under specific conditions.