Injection Molded Products Disengaging latch TI grade

TI-5000 Series (PAI: Polyamide-imide)


  1. (1) The TI-5000 Series demonstrates a superior balance of heat resistance and strength.
    Its non-reinforced strength at 250°C rivals that of POM at room temperature.
  2. (2) The superior wear resistance of the TI-5000 Series prevents any damage to itself or to other materials.
    → Damage to the photosensitive drum heat roll is miniscule.
  3. (3) This series demonstrates superior creep property.
    → Deformations are rare, and jammings are minimal.
  4. (4) This series demonstrates superior dimensional stability.
    → The linear expansion coefficient is minimal, and precision is high.

The TI-5000 Series "exceeds the performance of traditional engineering plastics in almost all aspects."

TI-500 Series (Fluorine-based)


An excellent addition to our lineup, the TI-500 Series builds on the superior performance of fluororesin in its unique compounding technique for enhanced wear resistance and dimensional stability.

  1. (1) The TI-500 Series demonstrates superior heat resistance (with a continuous use temperature of 260°C) with 5% expansion even at extremely low temperatures (-196°C).
  2. (2) It has superior resistance to chemicals and superior weathering resistance. It is flame retardant, with a limiting oxygen index of more than 95%.
  3. (3) Its surface energy has the lowest friction coefficient among solid materials, and it displays superior noncohesive and release characteristics. Furthermore, it deforms easily in response to outside forces (plastic deformation=flexible).
    →Damage to the heat roll is miniscule.

TI-200/7000 Series (PPS/PEEK-based)

Coating Technology Imbibed with Noncohesive Toner that Offers High Heat Resistance and Strength

The TI-200 Series is based on PPS resin, which offers superior heat resistance and flame retardancy, strengthened with special fibers. Its favorable moldability lends itself well for manufacturing with reliably high accuracy. In addition, the series has a superior application to the PTFE coating which makes the toner non-cohesive. The TI-7000 Series is based on PEEK, a resin whose heat resistance is better than that of TI-200, and reinforced by special fibers. Because of this, TI-7000 has a superior application to the PFA coating which improves toner non-cohesiveness much further.

Disengaging Latch Grade Properties Table

Property Testing Method Unit 240A 7200 8000 7500 5013 550F
Specific gravity D792   1.73 1.47 1.70 1.75 1.40 2.17
Water absorption (24 Hrs) D570 % 0.02 0.02 0.05 0.08 0.33 0.03
Tensile strength D638 MPa 180 98 120 170 186 32
Tensile elasticity D638 % 3.0 3.5 2.1 3.0 15.0 410
Bending strength D790 MPa 270 127 190 280 235  
Bending elasticity D790 GPa 18.0 6.9 12.9 14.0 4.9  
Izod impact strength (notched) D256 J/m 45 25   30 127 Nondestructive
Deflection temperature under load (1.82 MPa) D648 °C >260 >260 >290 >290 278  
Application example(s)     Fixing pawl Fixing pawl Fixing pawl Fixing pawl Fixing pawl
Drum pawl
Fixing pawl

* This is a table of representative examples based on values measured from testing carried out under specific