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TPS® PP<Polypropylene>

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Extremely Light and Strong

Because PP is the lightest of general-purpose plastics and has superior chemical resistance, it is used in a wide variety of industrial fields.


  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment components
  • Medical devices components
  • Food devices components


  • PP has excellent electrical properties, as well as superior resistance to water and chemicals.
  • PP is the lightest of general-purpose plastics.

Grade List

Grade Characteristics
PP(NC) Standard grade

* Refer to the Products Catalogue on page 44 for product specifications.

Properties Data

Category Property Unit Test Method ISO TPS® PP
Mechanical properties Tensile strength MPa 527-1,2 29
Tensile elasticity % >200
Bending strength MPa 178 -
Bending elasticity GPa -
Poisson’s ratio - - 0.4
Charpy impact strength (notched) KJ/m2 179/1eA 5.0
Rockwell hardness - - R85
Physical properties Density (23°C) g/cm3 1183 0.91
Water absorption (23°C, 24 Hrs) % - <0.03
Linear expansion coefficient ×10-5
11359-2 11
Flammability (UL) - UL94 -
Thermal properties Deflection temperature under load (0.45MPa) °C 75-1,2 80
Continuous use temperature °C - -
Glass transition temperature °C - -
Melting point °C - -
Electrical properties Dielectric strength (3mm) kV/mm IEC60243-1 -
Surface resistance Ω IEC60093 -
Volume resistance Ω・cm -
Permittivity 106Hz - IEC60250 -
Dielectric tangent 106Hz - IEC60250 -
Certified per the Food Sanitation Act
  • * The values given above for the properties are representative values given by the manufacturers of the raw materials, and are not guaranteed values for the product.
  • * The cells with no values given (-) indicate that useful data is not available or cannot be obtained at this time.

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