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TPS® TOPFINE®<Engineering plastic plate material for fine precision hole processing>

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Super Dimension Stability, Super High Rigidity and Super Precise Processability

TOPFINE® is a plate material with excellent dimension stability exclusively for processing fine precision holes.
Burrs are usually formed when holes that are several dozen microns in diameter are processed in conventional thermoplastic resins, but we formulated a special inorganic filler on a PPS plastic base to create its R1000 grade of TOPFINE® and succeeded in preventing burrs from forming during fine precision hole processing, which is characteristic of thermoplastic resins, using its original molding technology.
Furthermore, TOPFINE® has superior dimension stability owing to the low water absorption and low linear expansion characteristic of PPS plastics.


The primary use of TOPFINE® is in testing fixtures of printed substrates, semiconductors and the like.


  • TOPFINE® has excellent dimension stability due to its low water absorption and linear expansion coefficient.
  • TOPFINE® has excellent cutting processability, and generates minimal burrs when processing fine precision holes. However, exercise caution as it has low flexibility and is prone to chipping due to its composition.

Super Dimension Stability

Absorption Comparison

Linear Expansion Coefficient Comparison

Grade List

Grade Characteristics
R1000 Standard grade (fine precision hole processability, dimension stability)

Refer to the Products Catalogue on page 36 for product specifications.

Properties Data

Category Property Unit Testing Method ASTM TPS® TOPFINE®
Mechanical properties Tensile strength MPa D638 40.6
Tensile elasticity % 0.8
Bending strength MPa D790 81
Bending elasticity GPa 10.91
Poisson’s ratio - - -
Compressive strength MPa D695 -
Izod impact strength (notched) J/m D256 22
Rockwell hardness - D785 R124
Physical properties Specific gravity (23°C) - D792 1.83
Water absorption (23°C, 24 Hrs) % D570 0.02
Linear expansion coefficient ×10-5
JIS K7197 3.5
Thermal conduction W/mK E 1530 -
Flammability (UL) - D570 V-0 equivalent
Thermal properties Deflection temperature under load (1.82 MPa) °C D648 175
Continuous use temperature °C - -
Glass transition temperature °C - -
Melting point °C - 278
Electrical properties Dielectric strength MV/m D149 17.0
Surface resistance Ω D257 -
Volume resistance Ω・cm 1016
Permittivity 106Hz - D150 5.1
Dielectric tangent 106Hz - 0.002
Certified per the Food Sanitation Act -
  • * The values given above for the properties are representative values given by the manufacturers of the raw materials, and are not guaranteed values for the product.
  • * The cells with no values given (-) indicate that useful data is not available or cannot be obtained at this time.

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