Insert Molding

Our Insert Molding Technologies

In addition to general injection molding, we provide insert molding. Insert molding is a process that molds a wide range of materials as inserts, from metals to copper foil plates. We also design primary moldings to be used in secondary insert moldings.

About Insert Molding

Hoop Molding

Hoop Molding

Depending on the product design, the molding machine can use a vertical or horizontal alignment. The dimensional accuracy (position degree, concentricity, flatness, etc.) can be adjusted according to each customer’s quality specifications through automatic or manual insert molding techniques. The major processes involve hoop molding, including insertion of an internal metal member.

Resin Materials Used

Resin Materials Used

Engineering plastics are the focus of resin materials used in insert molding.
These are the resins that have performed well.

  • PBT(GF30%)
  • PPS(GF40%)
  • PA6(without G)(GF30%)(GF40%)
  • PA66(GF30%)
  • LCP

Insert materials can also be procured by us or provided by the customer.

Applications of Insert Molding

Our insert moldings are used in a variety of applications. The most successful applications include automotive, OA, and general machinery. Some specific examples of each application are as follows.

  • Automotive
    Used in engines, intercoolers, transmissions, and seatbelts.
  • OA
    Used in pickup
  • General machinery
    Used in textile machinery