About Welding

Welding is a type of technology used for joining resins in which thermoplastic resins are heated beyond the melting point and subjected to pressure in order to join them on a molecular level.

Advantages of Welding

Using an adhesive is another method to join materials, but careful consideration is needed in regards to the cost of mass production, the release of volatile organic materials, and so on.
Welding joins materials using heat, avoiding the release of chemicals.
Furthermore, because only an initial investment is required, this method is highly suitable for mass production.

Our equipment

We own and operate equipment for hot plate welding (heat), vibration welding (frictional heat), and ultrasonic welding (frictional heat).
We provide suggestions for the method that best matches each customer’s needs.

Vibration Welding Machine (Branson VW2800J-DC)

Can process materials up to 75cm in length and 50cm in width.
One more not pictured

Ultrasonic Welding Machine (Seidensha Electronics Co., Ltd. Σ-1500)

Oscillator output: 1200W
Oscillation frequency: 15.15 ± 0.15kHz
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Application Example 1

Cylinder head covers (automobile engine parts)

Method: Vibration welding
Results: Reduction in operation steps
Reduction in components(15% cost decrease)
Reduction in weight(45% aluminum ratio decrease)

Application Example 2

Transmission washer

Method: Ultrasonic welding
Results: Reduction in operation steps
Reduction in weight(50% aluminum ratio decrease)