Clean Molding

Our Clean Molding

This is an overview of our expertise in clean molding technologies.


  1. Only plastic materials that have passed the strict criteria of our contamination specs (confidential) are used in clean molding.
  2. To prevent dust from scattering during raw material input, materials are supplied to the molding machine via a pneumatic tube connected to the raw materials tank installed outside the cleanroom.


  • Cleanroom
    Located at our Okazaki Plant and Mishima Plant
  • Capacity
    (1) Cleanliness
    Class 100,000
    (3,520,000 particles of dust size 0.5μm and up per cubic meter)
    Temperature 23°C±5°C Humidity 45%±5%
    * Filters can be adjusted at Mishima Plant
  • Items molded
    (1) Okazaki Plant = containers for medical use
    (2) Mishima Plant = electronic components, medical equipment components

Everything going in and out of the cleanroom must go through the exclusive pass box. The room is pressurized to further prevent foreign matter from entering the cleanroom. Additionally, the room temperature and humidity are kept constant throughout the year.

Molding Machines

Our molding machines use an electric motor to minimize foreign matter generated during the molding process.


The cleanroom is strictly managed. Only employees who have received special training can use the cleanroom. All cleanroom workers must wash hands and put on dust-proof attire before entering.

Application of our clean molding

Container for an artificial kidney.